March 23, 2020

A Message From Our CEO

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

We hope you all are managing this crisis as well as one could hope. Recently deemed

an essential service by the government, Benchmark Bank is pleased to continue to

provide you with the same friendly, personalized customer service you have always

known from us. Our drive-thru branches are open for normal business hours; and our

personal bankers, loan officers and operational staff are on call to handle any of your

daily needs.

We know these are unprecedented times, but we are here for you just like we’ve been

since 1964. As our economy struggles to understand the implications of the pandemic,

Benchmark Bank is strong, healthy and ready to help our customers. In fact,

Benchmark is proud to have once again received the Bauer 5-Star rating indicating we

are among the strongest banks in the nation in all areas. We will get through this

together. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and please call us if we can be of assistance

in any way. Our mobile numbers are below should you want to reach out and visit.

Thank you for your business. Please know you are our top priority and the lifeblood of

our business.

Take care,

Mike Barnett, Executive Chairman


Jonathan Filgo, Chief Executive Officer


Bill Brewer



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