​Everyday banking with benefits.

Our interest-bearing NOW account has the convenience and ease of a checking account and earns interest for your spending money.

Why You'll Love It

*A service charge of $10.00 will be imposed every statement cycle if the balance in the account falls below $1,000.00 any day of the cycle. For more information on our accounts, including any possible fees, please see our account disclosures.

More accounts

Non-Interest Bearing

Personal Checking

A basic account for everyday needs.

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Free online & mobile banking

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Personal Savings Account

Plant the seeds for the future you want.

  • Allows your money to grow by earning interest
  • Online access
  • Limited to 6 transactions per month

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​Certificates of Deposit

​​Our best available rates.

  • Earns interest
  • Various terms available

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​Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Save for the retirement you're dreaming about with tax-deferred earnings.

  • Safe, low risk CDs
  • Traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRA's available

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Convenience and Security

​Contactless Debit Cards ​

​Pay faster and shop safer.

Tap to Pay.

EMV chip enabled.

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Online Banking

Free, easy and secure.

  • Check balances anytime, day or night
  • Transfer funds easily

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​Visa® Gift Cards

​​The perfect gift for any occasion.

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