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Changes to Online Banking - August 2013

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Log In            
You will no longer have security questions for user authentication. Instead, you will enter a phone number to receive a text or a call with a code to login.

If you choose the option that a computer or device is private, meaning that it is not a public or shared device, you will not need a code on the private device when you login in the future.

Your user name can no longer be comprised of all numbers. If you have an all number user name you will be prompted to change it the first time you log in after the new upgrade is in place.

Heading Changes              
User Options will now be titled My Profile
Move Money drop down is where Transfers will be located.
Manage Money will be the home for items such as Turbo Tax.
Additional Services tab provides access to online statements and mobile banking.
Secure Forms allows you to make an address change, order an ATM or check card, stop payments and more; securely and efficiently.

Bill Pay             
Please click on the link below for a schematic of the upgraded Bill Pay page with a summary of the changes.
Bill Pay Changes

Other Features
You have the ability to pay bills from your online home screen.
A handy calculator and calendar are added to the screen.

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