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BMB Employee Spotlight: Ben Gibbins

| BMB Employee Spotlight

The Backbone of Our Business

Ben Gibbins, Executive Vice President and Escrow Closing Officer, has been a dedicated and instrumental employee of Benchmark Title for 10 years. His mild manner is a calming influence for customers and employees alike, while his knowledge and experience enable him to offer creative solutions to complex title issues. Ben is confident in the core principles that embody the Benchmark family of companies and is an outstanding representative of Benchmark Title.

BMB Employee Spotlight:Kimberly Sevier

| BMB Employee Spotlight

Kim Sevier has been a respected employee of Benchmark Bank for over ten years. Her unassuming demeanor belies the integral role she plays in many aspects of the day to day functioning of the bank. Her work behind the scenes is invaluable as she oversees all facets of loan operations and loan accounting for Benchmark’s Retail, Correspondent and Bank divisions.

Thank you, Kim, for all you do!

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