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New Mobile Banking Feature is Available

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Benchmark Bank Mobile Banking Touch ID for iPhone

-Go to the App Store and View Available Updates
-Update your Benchmark Bank app
-Open the Benchmark Bank app
-Enter your Password information as usual
-Go to the ‘More’ menu (bottom right of screen)
-Open the box labeled ‘Touch ID’
-Slide the toggle to ‘On’ (will see green on toggle)
-To log in to the app after Touch ID is enabled simply open the app, touch “Touch ID’ in the lower left and hold your fingerprint to the bottom middle button.

You can disable the Touch ID function at any time by simply going to the ‘More’ menu and sliding the toggle to ‘Off’ (will appear white)

For Security Reasons: Benchmark Bank mobile banking will still require users to enter a password when performing transactions that move funds such as transferring money, paying bills and paying other people.

Note: If there are no fingerprints currently stored on the device, the app will instruct you to set up at least one fingerprint before enabling Touch ID.

Westlake Ribbon Cutting

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Westlake Ribbon Cutting

Benchmark Bank’s newest branch, in the vibrant Westlake area of Austin, make it official on Thursday evening with a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. Fresh pizza from Enrico’s on-site pizza oven, dessert from Nothin’ Bundt Cakes and specialty Ribbon Cutter cocktails were enjoyed by the throngs of well-wishers that attended. BMB Senior Vice-President Sheila Bostick presided over the festivities and her message to the crowd is below:

I’m Sheila Bostick SVP for BMB.
I want to begin by thanking the Westlake Chamber for doing such a great job of building community
and offering a venue for local business’ to connect, grow and prosper.

I also want to recognize Westlake’s Mayor, Linda Anthony.
Your love for our community shows in all your hard work
and our appreciation runs deep.  Thank you for all that you do

I am fairly certain that this number of people would not show up to a ribbon cutting for YET ANOTHER bank in Westlake Hills!

Many of you are here because you know that our Kool-Aid is special and unique.  And if you don’t understand that
then I will tell you why I’M here

I helped start Treaty Oak Bank just across the street in 2004. Our dream was to take banking back to the good ole days
A time before all the big banks began buying the smaller ones.
I don’t have to tell you what happened in 2008
and we did not have enough capital to withstand the downturn.

We had kept our eye on a bank owned by Mike Barnett,  Benchmark.
While so many community banks were closing
or being purchased by the big banks,
Benchmark held steady.

Benchmark Bank was who we wanted to be when grew up.
So you know what they say when one door closes….
How fortunate for me
to have the opportunity to join Benchmark.

Mike’s grandfather started Benchmark in 1964.  I believe that a family owned business is held to a different set of standards as it represents the legacy of the family,
their name, who they are
and how they serve their community.

So tonight’s ribbon cutting is extra special to me,
as I return to the community that I love
and bring you a bank whose people will care for you
and serve you as we continue the Benchmark legacy in Westlake Hills.

Thank you so much for joining us today. Now let’s celebrate with a ribbon cutting!

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