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CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Stacey Patton for successfully completing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day challenge. She walked 60 miles in 3 days to honor the memory of loves ones lost to breast cancer and also to support the many survivors she knows, including a dear friend from work. This was Stacey’s third year to be involved with the organization: in 2007 she walked 60 miles and in 2010 she was on the crew. This year Stacey raised $3,410 towards breast cancer research on her home page.

Benchmark Bank & Benchmark Title employees were allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday, November 4th - the first day of Stacey’s journey - in exchange for a $5 donation to Susan G. Komen. It was great to see the Benchmark family rally around Stacey!

Another employee, Audra Murphy, also raised $970 on her own to support this great cause.

We are so proud to have such inspiring women at Benchmark!! Congratulations again to Stacey Patton for completing this amazing journey!