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Bill Pay FAQs

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Bill Pay FAQs

I.  There are some known issues with the Safari Browser. If you are having an issue getting to the main Bill Pay screen and are using Safari, see below for workarounds:
  Here is the workaround for 5.1.5:

  For Mac - Hold down the Apple/CMD key while clicking on the link.

  For Windows - Right-click on the bill pay link and choose “open in new window.”
  After doing it once, the cookie should be tracked properly when the customer logs in.

  Global Safari Issue:
  Here are the settings for the Safari browser that should be enabled. This wording could differ slightly between versions:
  1.        Please clear your cache, then close browser, and reopen and test again.
  2.        Please verify the OS you are using. (Either OSX 10.6.8 or OSX 10.7.4)
  3.        Provide the date and time you are receiving the error.
  5.        Please try an alternate browser. Google Chrome or Firefox are both supported browsers. 
  6.        Please follow these steps as indicated in the picture above-
              a.        Select “Safari”
              b.        Click “Preferences”
              c.        Select the option “Security”
              d.        Make sure the following are selected: Enable plug-ins, Enable Java, and Enable JavaScript
              e.        Cookies must be accepted as well for online banking to work.

II.  Will I have to reenter all of my payees?
    No - just click on “Make Payment” from the initial Bill Pay screen and there you will see all of your previous payees.

III.  My Quicken is not syncing with my new Bill Pay set up?

    We are currently working on this issue, but in the mean time you can go through the normal online banking portal instead of Quicken to access your bill pay.  To access bill pay via our online banking site,  click “Bill Pay” and then click the link to “View and Pay Bills.”  You will then click “Make Payments” and all of your payee information will filter in to select for payment.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have this resolved quickly. 

Note:  If you had a nickname for a certain bill to a payee, the payee/nickname fields might appear reveresed.  For example:  Payee Name-Nickname will appear as Nickname-Payee Name.  The bills will still be paid to the proper payee (which can be seen by clicking on the payee & selecting “View/Change Payee Details”).  It is just the display that you are seeing that has these fields reversed.