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BMB Employee Spotlight: Wendy Skorburg

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Wendy Skorburg, Senior Vice President responsible for Risk Management at Benchmark Bank, recently graduated from the Colorado School of Banking after completing her third year of courses.

The Graduate School of Banking at Colorado program is built around core courses which are based in the fundamental concepts of community banking. The learning objectives of GSBC are to master the concepts of Lending, Financial Management, General Management and Leadership/Human Resources.

Congratulations to Wendy on this accomplishment!

BMB Employee Spotlight: Carlene Baxter

| BMB Employee Spotlight

Carlene Baxter- Invaluable Employee, Mentor and Friend.

Bank, Mortgage, Title…you name it, Carlene has done it and always done it well. On July 19, 2013 Carlene will celebrate her 24th year with Benchmark Bank and in that time has become the ‘go to’ person in the Benchmark family. The breadth and depth of her knowledge in all facets of the bank and title company are unparalleled, yet she retains the ability to be a friend and confidante to all. BMB President Bill Brewer describes her as, “my most important person” and that depiction is shared by many.

BMB Employee Spotlight: Laurie Pool

| BMB Employee Spotlight

Congratulations Senior Vice President Laurie Pool!

Laurie, who was recently promoted to Senior Vice President, has been originating loans and creating a loyal customer base at Benchmark Bank for over 10 years. Highly motivated, well respected and a dynamic personality, Laurie enjoys her work and it shows. Benchmark Bank President, Bill Brewer, commented about Laurie’s value to the company, “Her natural talent for building relationships is truly a gift and we are the recipient”.

Stop by the Plano branch and get to know one of Benchmark Bank’s best.

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