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Cristo Rey Dallas Corporate Work Study Program

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Cristo Rey Dallas Corporate Work Study Program

Benchmark Bank and Title are proud to be a part of the Cristo Rey Dallas Corporate Work Study Program.

The Corporate Work Study Program is an innovative model of education that gives students a Catholic, college-preparatory education while earning work experience in a corporate setting.

Four students rotate through the week to fill the position full-time. Each student has an assigned day on which he or she works.  On Friday, the four students rotate to share the fifth day of the week. In each four-week span, each student will have one week in which he or she works two days.  Student schedules are created so that students never miss a class.

How it Works
Students are employees of the Corporate Work Study Program, not the job partners.  Partners pay a flat fee to the Corporate Work Study Program for one full-time Corporate Work Study Team.  The Corporate Work Study Program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, Worker’s Compensation, FICA and FUTA paperwork, as well as all routine employer issues.  The Corporate Work Study Program is separately incorporated, functioning as a temporary employment agency within Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep. 
To learn more about how a Corporate Work Study team can benefit your company, contact the Corporate Work Study team at or 469-844-7957

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