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Operation Finally Home

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Operation Finally Home

Project is in Partnership with Operation FINALLY HOME, LP Building Products and American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks.

Local Dallas builder Tim Jackson Custom Homes broke ground on a home for wounded combat veteran U.S. Army Sergeant Stephen Jackel and his family. Tim Jackson is partnering with nonprofit organization Operation FINALLY HOME on the project, scheduled for completion in early 2014.

“Building a home for Stephen is the very least we can do to honor the sacrifice he and other veterans like him have made for our country,” said Tim Jackson, president of Tim Jackson Custom Homes. “We’re excited to see our community and business partners come together to make this home a reality for the entire Jackel family.”

Jackel served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His long list of service awards includes a Purple Heart, an ARCOM-4 Award for Valor and an Afghanistan campaign medal with two Bronze Stars, among others. In August 2011, while performing convoy security duties in Afghanistan, an IED exploded under the vehicle he occupied with his team. After the blast, Sgt. Jackel saved the lives of his team members by helping get them out of the vehicle and physically put out a fire inside the vehicle with his own leg. He sustained injuries resulting in required bilateral leg amputations as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Tim Jackson Custom Homes will build the home in the Paloma Creek subdivision of Little Elm.  Dale Clark with Clark Development has donated the lot.  They plan to build a 3,400 square foot home for Stephen, his wife and their six children.

Their goal is to reach out to suppliers, subcontractors, friends and family to provide 100% of the materials and labor needed to build the home.

Donations can be sent to Operation Finally Home, P.O. Box 712, Allen TX 75013.