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Shootout for Charity

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Shootout for Charity

Benchmark had a team made up of employees and customers in the Elizabeth Toon Charities Shootout last Friday, May 4th.  The festivities started with a live concert on Thursday featuring Erin Duvall, Mockingbird Sun, Jack Ingram and Radney Foster.  It was a great couple of days, and we were proud to see the success of Elizabeth Toon Charities’ efforts to raise money for a good cause.  Benchmark has been a longtime supporter of the organizatoin, find out how you can get involved here.

Cover Clothing - Customer in the News

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Cover Clothing - Customer in the News

Our friends and customers’ sun conscious clothing line - COVER - is suddenly popping up all over the place! All of their stylish sun protective active and swim wear is certified UPF 50+. Check out this recent article by Neiman Marcus, who recently picked up their line. Congrats Lisa and Robyn!

New at NM: Cover Clothing

Preoccupied with slathering her three little ones in sunscreen, former investment banker Lisa Moore had little time to protect herself. Getting greased up, then attempting to hold a sunscreen-slathered, slippery baby seemed more hassle than its worth for the bottle’s temporary protection. One night after the sun had set in the fall of 2007, the fair-skined mom had an idea – sun protective cover-ups. Sun-proof activewear already existed for children, typically found splashed in neon and hibiscus flowers, but a chic version for adults in all-day wearable cuts was not on the market. Moore called up her close friend Robyn Stevens, a former model and fashion industry vet, and the two got to work on designs that would protect their skin in the water and anywhere the sun shines.

“I am an outdoorsy person. I paddleboard, I run, I play tennis,” Stevens, an always-on-the-go mom of three, says. “I started to realize that I am slathered in sunblock every day and I still get the sun, and then there are all the chemicals being absorbed into your skin. There is really no way to prevent the sun unless you cover yourself.”

This concept of all-day chemical-free coverage was the catalyst for Cover Clothing.

Soon after the inception of Cover, Moore’s sister, who was working as the brand’s sales rep, was diagnosed with melanoma.

“It went from just a fashion and beauty focus to having a health focus as well,” Moore says of the designs that are certified UPF 50+  (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).  ”Young girls need to know that you can get skin cancer at age 23 right out of college. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, but it is one that can be actively prevented.”

Since her sister’s melanoma was treated, Moore has made sure to receive regular skin screenings at her dermatologist, and just the other day she had her first pre-cancerous spot removed from her back shoulder.

“Having that happen really just confirmed why we were doing this,” Stevens says. ”I think even from five years ago, people are getting a little more health conscious and sun conscious.”

Cover partners with the American Cancer Society to educate women and promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer. For every white long sleeve swim tee sold, Cover will contribute a percentage to the American Cancer Society’s Choose You campaign.

Shop Cover Clothing on Neiman Marcus.

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